Fairy thinking

By Loli

Fairy thinking

I remember seeing a similar picture somewhere, and on that day I had the urge to draw a fantasy being. I wanted an elf with wings, so part fairy part elf. He is lost in thought, thinking about his future, because he cannot fit into the fairies world, and he cannot fit in the elf world. Dilemna. Insecurity.Sef-Doubt. Feeling Alone. I wanted to put those feelings out there. because it can happen to anyone, even the best of us. We have to remember that we can reach out. We have to know we can do and be better. We can seek help. We should be able to say proudly: “I matter”.


  • fantasy
  • magic
  • elf
  • imagination
  • thinking
  • sitting
  • thoughtful
  • lostinthought
  • imaginaryworld

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pencil on paper
1 Year ago

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I am a figurative artist who work mainly with acrylic paint. I enjoy mixing media once in a while, and I set myself challenges on ideas I have. I love to paint and create, It is a passion that I can not live without.


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