Gold Heart

‘Heart of Gold’ is a cliche to be generous, sincere, kind and friendly. The gold heart is the focal point with warm, friendly colours of hearts surrounding.
The lines and spaces radiate from the central hearts to create the format and using symmetry and repetition within the lines to create balance and rhythm. There is consistent directional movement within incorporating tonal shades of grey to draw the eye back to the focal point. The shapes, motifs and textures within the radiating lines provide a positive visual interest always leading the eye back to the calm but bold and strong centre. The colours used in the painting are based on the colour wheel using complementary warm and cool colours. Textures are used as an integral part of the painting to give depth and interest. The silver frame effect is a mixture of paint and moulding paste to give the painting shape and support.


  • acrylic
  • painting
  • love
  • colourfull
  • largecanvas
  • loveart

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Acrylic and mixed media
2 Years ago

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Gold Heart

Colourful, happy and vibrant acrylic paintings. A mixture of acrylic paintin, molding paste, paper and glitter dust.


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