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South coast Mallorca

View of the coast where the locals would just drop a line and go fishing.

We all came here as a family, including a party of our mates we all stayed in apartments above Spanish restaurant.  Our view over looked the owners Olive trees garden, which were freshly picked and served up for nibbles for our meals. 
However, the cockerels woke us up in the early hours in the morning.  The place was just a few minutes walk away from the beach and the town. 

At the time (some years ago) the town was undergoing major building development.  There were various other lovely beaches in walking distance.  Taking the path   along the hills is a small hidden nudist beach where the locals would take a dive into the clear waters. If you didn’t mind the locals, then this was a hidden gem     idea for swimming and the views were great.

In the evenings we would wonder down to the harbour town a quiet resort for our meals and watch the local kids fishing off the walls.  Further around the harbour we saw how the other half lived with roll after roll of yachts.

I also enjoyed taking my portable art equipment as I was able sit by the harbour side painting away. 
Nothing like painting with the sun on your back.


  • landscape
  • painting
  • beach
  • seascape
  • sunset

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30 x 21 cm
Acyclic on card
2 Years ago

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