Paper on Paper, Dali Dada Etc. Series 3

By Marian Williams

Paper on Paper, Dali Dada Etc. Series 3

Paper on Paper, Dali Dada Etc. Series 3.

All handmade paper on paper collages.

Varnished and signed.

25 Euro/ Each


  • collage
  • illustration
  • williams
  • marian

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Paper Collage
2 Years ago

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About the artist

Marian Williams

Of all forms of art, Marian prefers to express herself through collage. Her analog compositions combine acrylic paint and oil paint, original illustrations dating from 1900 till today and three dimensional recycled components. The works, influenced by pop art, dadaism and surrealism, show originality and freshness.


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Roquebrune sur Argens France
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