Our Dance of Love

Here I am dancing with my Spirit Mate. We found each other through dancing, because of the way it felt to dance together. Our attraction was initially a soul connection. No matter how many other fantastic dancers I danced with, nothing came close to the energy and connection I felt dancing with him and he with me. In the painting our souls are literally flying (they are horizontal in the middle of the painting). All around us twist and turn the trail our energy leaves behind. The pink and gold are emitted by the fusion of our connection.


  • dancing
  • love
  • gold
  • blue
  • pink
  • red
  • movement
  • swirls
  • energy
  • spiritual
  • aura

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100 x 150 cm
oil on canvas
7 Months ago

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(ruler scale: 2m  -  6'6")

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About the artist

Lorraine Linder

I am an artist and lecturer living in Yeovil, Somerset. My art explores abstract expressionism, nature and spirituality. The foundations of my art practice areā€¦. love, colour, beauty and truth, Inspiring colourful mixed media artwork. My work encompasses four distinctive areas which include abstract, figurative, sculptural and spiritual and can take the form of functional mixed media sculptures or canvas based pieces.


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Somerset United Kingdom
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