Embellished Double Spiral Hair Barrette - Copper and Lapis Lazuli

By Abby Hook

Embellished Double Spiral Hair Barrette - Copper and Lapis Lazuli

For this variation of the double spiral hair barrette I have attached Lapis Lazuli round beads of graduating sizes to the inside edge at the bottom of the both spirals with copper wire, I have then wrapped the base of each bead with a birds nest setting. The repetitive nature of the wrapping has added an interesting detail to the piece. In the loop at the top I have attached a drop shaped Lapis Lazuli stone, securing it in place with woven copper wire.

The copper wire has been hammered to add strength and texture, I have then woven the central section, which not only make the barrette very strong but adds a wonderful ornate detail.

These hair barrettes can be worn in the hair or as shawl/scarf pins.

The double spiral barrette measures 4 1/3” across and 2 7/8” tall, with a curve of 1/2”, the pin is 6 1/4” long.

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  • blue
  • copper
  • stone
  • wire
  • texture
  • hair
  • pin
  • scarf
  • shawl
  • spiral
  • double
  • accessory
  • clip
  • lazuli
  • hammered
  • lapis
  • barrette

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Copper wire and Lapis Lazuli
2 Years ago

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