Burnt to the ground

I don’t know why I went there to paint that day, I had it on my list for a year or more. But there was no sun, the light was flat, and actually I was not having the best of days.  I am so glad I did though, for that very evening I arrived home to see it on the local TV news burning to the ground. Utterly heartbreaking, I loved that building.


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8 Months ago

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About the artist

Claudia Araceli

The great outdoors is my studio, I am one of those mad all year round plein air Watercolour Artists. As for my work, I aim to capture the atmosphere, light and essence of what I see around me. The subjects I paint are vast, I cannot predict what I will see that inspires in any particular moment. It might be hazy light, a storm or a feeling of deja vu. I just know I love it!


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