Iron Man Project Avengers #2

By Loli

Iron Man Project Avengers #2

Iron Man is my favorite avenger! but can you guess who else is in this painting?
Marvel and DC have taken over Hollywood it seems. Cups, towels, bed sheets, etc. We are surrounded. My little brother asked me back in 2015 to make a captain America for him. So I did. It did not take me long to make it, nor did it take me long to really research and figure out that there was so much more that I could draw and paint. As part of my research, I got into a lot of comics magazines, and watched the programs on TV (cartoon and movie version). What was supposed to be a one of, became a mission for me to fill. I had to draw the rest of the avengers. And so I did: one by one, I made them similar to one another, with the same backgrounds, and with Acrylic paints. I struggled on some more than on others. But it became really generic. I finished them in 2016, and thought that I was done.
I took my brush again in May 2017. I love Marvel and DC work, and I think we all grew up knowing one superhero or another. So I have decided, that while I love each character, I want YOU to notice something in it that you had not seen before. Try to find all the secrets from each painting. I am working on something bigger than the avengers. I am relating to all those artists that created or participated in the stories that we love so much. The research, the sketches, and the ink, the colors: it makes something whole. It makes something old into something new. I can now say that each piece are now finished, the way they need to be.


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51 x 61 cm
acrylic on canvas
1 Year ago

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I am a figurative artist who work mainly with acrylic paint. I enjoy mixing media once in a while, and I set myself challenges on ideas I have. I love to paint and create, It is a passion that I can not live without.


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