Citizen I (Selected for RBSA Portrait Prize 2017)

By Freya Laetitia Stinton

Citizen I (Selected for RBSA Portrait Prize 2017)

This is a close-up portrait of my Poppa. I like to paint purely a person’s face, without any adornments or special clothing. Exclusively the raw emotions that the face portrays, so much can be seen by how one holds one’s face.

In Citizen I, I hope you feel the depth of his eyes, the mouth gives a cautious smile, however the eyes reveal a level of sadness and introspectiveness.

The lines and layers of flesh are like rivers and mountains. Each one changes over the years, but with this movement of time comes great sagacity and enlightenment.

Citizen I is made with watercolour on paper.

Ready to hang, no framing required.


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37 x 49 cm
2 Years ago

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(ruler scale: 2m  -  6'6")

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Freya Laetitia Stinton

I am a watercolourist, interested in wildlife, domestic animals, portraiture and landscape painting.


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Herefordshire United Kingdom
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