SARAH ARNETT - artist's statement

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SARAH ARNETT - artist's statement

During the last five years, Sarah has notably made a measured step into areas outside of the fashion industry and successfully unleashed her innate talent to explore a broader creative process. Alongside her Modern Love brand, her repertoire now includes interior design, public space commissions, packaging and of course, illustration.
Sarah has traveled extensively, unsurprisingly since she spent a childhood filled with exploration in Zimbabwe, a period of her life, which has penetrated and shaped her work, life and outlook. After graduating from the University of Brighton with a degree in woven textiles, India was to be the next source of adventure and Sarah fully immersed herself in the culture, feeding her unquenchable thirst for the exotic.  After a couple of years, England was to become her home once more and luxury fashion became her trade.  In the years that followed, Sarah successfully created a signature style and unique way of applying her drawings to fashion, resulting in a brand that boasted exclusivity to high-end stores worldwide.  Journeying through her obsession with colour, and drawing on a diverse array of elements in her compositions, Sarah re-imagines fantastical landscapes and creates a uniquely remarkable illustrative narrative. Her formative years in Africa, mixed with a life by the English seaside have given Sarah a unique set of influences to draw from. These early inspirations, along with a love of the bygone world, of botany and film have combined to inform her notable style. Ultimately, Sarah’s work allows us to inhabit a paradise previously unknown and leaves us filled with an easy sense of indulgence.

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