This artwork was inspired by our local skulk, or family group. Behind our house a neighbour keeps his land wild and unmanaged, with wild flowers, shrubs and trees growing naturally. Here the foxes create their den and raise their young. At night you hear the foxes call, screeching to each other under the cover of darkness. Sneaking onto out lawn to eat the bread that the magpie’s left behind.

In this image a vixen is relaxing in the shrubbery, but keeping a watchful eye on the world. Her eyes are like a cat, scanning for danger or an easy meal. The vixen’s posture is similar to a wolf, she is lay down and waiting for dusk, to go hunting with the family pack.

Fox II, is made with watercolour, on paper.  Ready to hang, no framing required.

Preselected for the Society of Wild Life Art, Mall Galleries, London UK. 2015.


  • nature
  • relaxing
  • wild
  • fox
  • vulpes

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2 Years ago

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Freya Laetitia Stinton

I am a watercolourist, interested in wildlife, domestic animals, portraiture and landscape painting.


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Herefordshire United Kingdom
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