Lola & Skye

Lola & Skye in acrylic paint & Ink with a resin.

My inspiration behind Lola and Skye at the fruit tree:

Feeling the stresses of day to day life is universal and we all have our individual coping mechanisms.
I love to get away from people and technology and step back into more natural surroundings.
Lola is used here to depict our loss of innocence and appreciation for the simple, and in my opinion, more important aspects of the reality we all share.
Skye is an important metaphor of love transcending all barriers and our duty as the apex of evolution to care for and nurture life on this planet.

I have chosen a warm pallet of red tones in the background to help focus attention on the fore, giving the painting its simple message of beauty.


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40 x 50 cm
Acrylic and Resin coated
2 Years ago

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(ruler scale: 2m  -  6'6")

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About the artist

Michael Galliah

I enjoy painting in Acrylic on stretched canvas or canvas board, and my style is in an abstract and contemporary theme.


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Sheffield United Kingdom
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