Torcesque Viking knit Hoop earrings - Bronze with Amazonite

By Abby Hook

Torcesque Viking knit Hoop earrings - Bronze with Amazonite

I have developed these earrings from my Torcesque bracelet, which was was inspired by the torcs made by the Iceni tribe with there beautiful twisted wire detail and wanted to create a bracelet with that same look of strength combined with simple, delicate detail.

This simple, sleek design is surprisingly light weight. I have used double Viking knit either side of the hoop, which holds its shape due to the core wire running through the knit. The chain is finished with handmade wire caps, The center of the hoop has a faceted Amazonite bead. The earring is secured closed with a hinged earwire, which allows the earring to swing freely, whilst closing easily and securely.

The earrings are made with copper wire and measure 1 2/3” across the outer edge.

I have oxidised these earrings, to highlight the detail.

This item comes in a jewellery box.


  • earrings
  • hoop
  • wire
  • bronze
  • viking
  • knit
  • chain
  • round
  • weave
  • iceni
  • torc

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Bronze with Amazonite
1 Year ago

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