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Original Contemporary Art created in oil on acrylic with a unique integrated frame. Gilded with silver chain and jewellery.                Colours in BROWN, RED, GREEN, GOLD, YELLOW, PINK, BLACK, WHITE, SILVER, PURPLE.  The first artist in the world to use material dated billion years old to produce the oldest sculpture art, recorded. A list of the artists work are currently on display on Her Majesty the Queens website, under art sculpture. The artist is recognised by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for best picture profile for his artworks. Published and professional artist. Latest news published by the Phoenix Newspaper:
Certificate of authenticity issued with artists work to guarantee proof of originality. Your beautiful art is supplied ready to hang, so that you can enjoy your investment straightaway. Every piece is carefully checked and packed so that is arrives in perfect condition. Free shipping worldwide.


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78 x 48 cm
Mixed Media
2 Years ago

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(ruler scale: 2m  -  6'6")

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About the artist

Quantum 14 Billion B.C. Art Sculpture price on application

Trevor R Plummer, 14 Billion B.C. Quantum: The first artist in the world to produce a complicated, original piece of artwork, with a secret code built in and locking mechanisms, painting and sculpture combined.


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(Unknown City?) United Kingdom
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