Static Addict

This one took a long time to complete, and it is with a little bit of sadness that I have finally finished it. It might be because the piece feels so full of joy, I would look forward to going into the studio and working on it. It is large, 5’ x 2’10”, so it is not quiet by any means. This piece has so much music in it, it is deafening. If I composed music, this is what it would look like I guess. I love the pose; the woman is so open, bearing her whole self. She moves on the canvas in a dance.
The dots around her are made with a litho crayon, which is one of my favorite drawing tools. It is smudgy, and dark, and easy to manipulate. I needed to have the repetition of the dots, not to be an aura, but to be energy. I stole the name, “Static Addict” from an Eminem lyric, because that was where my inspiration stemmed from, not the whole song, although it is good, but just that description. This idea of needing drama, or an unseen energy whirling around us, caused by us, and the need to feed upon it. No one is immune from drama. You may be lucky enough to only have small doses of it, or have a high tolerance to it, but it exists around us all just by the sheer nature of community and society. This piece is kind of an illustration of how it attaches to us, and moves around us, and it is our choice on how much we let it affect us. I have witnessed people get swarmed by drama, and drown in it. This piece feels like a rising up and shaking it off and becoming stronger for it.
I kept the woman’s eyes closed, not to hide her, but rather to keep her introspective, completely in the moment. This piece is difficult for me to write about because I do not want to nail down one specific idea about it. It has a flow about it. And that flow should be experienced by you without the parameters I may suggest they are.


  • nude
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  • dancer
  • flow
  • figurative
  • dance
  • static
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152 x 86 cm
oil on canvas
1 Year ago

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