Scenes of art and science - essays by the artist

By Tina Mammoser

Scenes of art and science - essays by the artist

Scenes of Art and Science:
New artist book of essays and art images published by Grejczik Gallery.

The book contains 11 essays about how science relates to the paintings and drawings with topics such as tides, light reflection and refraction, geology and fossils, horizon distances, star colours, shale and chalk.


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2 Years ago

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About the artist

Whitby, Cavern - Painting
Tina Mammoser

From paintings of the English coast, to Lake Michigan in Chicago, to Venice, my paintings transform actual places into simplified visions of the very element that defines them – water. Abstractions of weather and season at the sea, the paintings are all about spaces of line, colour and light rather than direct landscape. A fascination with light and shadow, reflection and refraction, pattern and water movement drives my experiments with paint to capture changing luminous qualities. I was born in 1970 in Chicago, USA and immigrated to the UK in my early 20s. I started painting after moving from Scotland down to London, studying painting and printmaking privately with an artist in Greenwich, London. Despite identifying very much as a British artist it's been said my paintings still recall a certain "midwestern" eye for the landscape, inferring flat perspective and vast open spaces.


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