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Gail Gibson Tait

Gail’s paintings explore colour and light through a contemplation of natural forms. Gail was originally trained as a sculptor, exploring the play of light on sculptural form. As a painter she has refined this interest in light and form into the subjective representation of colour in landscape. The paintings are inspired by her work with plants in environmental garden design, and by the changing light, detail and wildness in landscapes and seascapes – whether Richmond Park, the north Cornish coastline, the coast and inlets of West Cork in Ireland or the South Downs and its crashing waves (Gail has recently moved to Brighton). Gail graduated in Fine Art, Sculpture from Portsmouth Polytechnic. She has run galleries and a fine art publishing company. She trained as a garden designer at Kew with John Brookes, and returned to painting full time in 2000.


23 works in painting

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Brighton United Kingdom
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