Tilting the Windmill

Usually I finish a piece and it is almost like a high, a deep feeling of satisfaction and completion, a journey come full circle, from idea to object manifested. This piece was made for a local competition, and I have hopes it will do well. But something seemed lacking, until I found the title. As I went in on this with just the idea of representing the estate that is holding the competition, I shouldn’t really be surprised that I came out feeling empty. In my mind, this was a glorious piece. But in reality, it was a bit too small (30” x 30”), I struggled with the circles and the straight lines. It was clearly a challenge for me. So in leaving all I knew of the piece to the side, and looking for a title, it was reborn. “Tilting the windmills” is a phrase that means to pursue an unrealistic, impractical, or even impossible goal.

And for me, that’s what is has been about the entire time.
Here’s to tilting your windmills, no matter what they are.


  • farm
  • rural
  • fins
  • tiltingwindmills
  • donquioxote
  • windmill
  • clouds
  • wind
  • tension
  • industrial
  • farmequipment
  • nostalgia
  • turbine
  • windturbine

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oil on canvas
1 Year ago

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