Echo And Syrinx Tease Pan

By tim smith

Echo And Syrinx Tease Pan

One of the themes behind the pagan goddess in exile is how basic human instinct is kept at bay in the modern world. I love mythology for how it consists of things we can’t escape, our desires, fears and all that makes us human. Even Pan who causes all the problems in the world suffers from them as he is teased and tantalised by the two nymphs who won’t surrender to his advances and take such pleasure in watching his frustrations


  • landscape
  • garden
  • summer
  • lust
  • love
  • mythology
  • myth
  • desire
  • gods

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oil on canvas
3 Years ago

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tim smith

My work is driven by a fascination with the changing world, contemporary culture and the history of art. These are often mixed together in what I want to be a spontaneous blend of images rich in cultural references, I hope held together by passages of pure painting and lyrical colour in a "new representationalism"


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