ALEXANDER KORZER-ROBINSON - artist's statement

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ALEXANDER KORZER-ROBINSON - artist's statement

Alexander Korzer-Robinson is an artist from Berlin now living in Bristol. His art practice utilises generally discarded materials in order to create fanciful works of art. These art objects are made from century old antique books that are worked through, page by page, cutting around some of the illustrations while removing others, thus the images seen in the finished work, are left standing in the place where they would appear in the complete book.  Nothing is rearranged nor repositioned. As a final step the book is sealed around the cut, and thus can no longer be opened. “A large part of this selection process is left to chance. While I work through a book with a vision I want to realise, very often the book seems to have its own designs, and thus eventually a new story develops of its’ own volition. In this way every project takes on its’ own unique expression, allowing the imagination to run free and endowing each book with its’ own nuance.”
Alexander’s work is widely collected, has been used in the Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts film ‘Larry Crowne’ and seen in the C4 series ‘Four Rooms’. Alexander regularly exhibits at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

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