JULIA TRIGG - artist's statement

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JULIA TRIGG - artist's statement

Julia graduated from the Royal College of Art, London and lives in Brighton. She loves and collects all kinds of typographic ephemera, often featuring woodblock type, handwritten messages and decorative devices, which she uses in her collages. Rather than tearing up the original ephemera (the items are often small and certain to fade) she works digitally, scanning items, capturing all the original qualities and imperfections. Julia’s compositions tend to focus on detail, but on large scales, emphasising the textures of the paper, smudgy inks and intriguing snippits of information which take on an abstract, contemporary form. Collecting ham radio cards from the 1920s to 1950s for a long time resulted in works in her series ‘Signals’ which are made entirely from those cards. Julia is passionate about print quality, so the colouring and incredible detail is always exactly as intended. The rich vintage colours and abstract compositions work particularly well in contemporary interiors. Following successful solo shows (including at Caster and Pullox in Brighton) Julia has been featured in various publications including The Times Saturday supplement. Her work appears on numerous well-renowned art and design blogs, helping prints find their way to private collections in the UK, America, Australia and Germany.

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