'I've got you under my skin'

By eel art

'I've got you under my skin'

Here I’ve used morse code as an allegory of how HIV is hidden in plain sight and to focus on the lack of awareness of the virus amongst the young. People may, at first glance, think it is colourful and ‘fun’ but perhaps may not like it once they know it spells HIV, this is a reflection of the prejudice people living with HIV face everyday of their lives. I specifically chose this spot at The Royal Sussex County Hospital as it is equidistant between the Lawson Unit and Claude Nicol clinic, making a statement that HIV is not a gay disease but affects everyone regardless of race, creed or sexuality.

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Spray cans on board
2 Years ago

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eel art

eel's art is mischievous and fun. His can-cam is a perfect example of this, turning the very tool of making art into art itself. His art doesn’t set out to express a profound message, indeed quite the opposite, he hopes his work will suggest the viewer look at everyday objects, situations and the world around them from a different perspective and raise an ironic smile. Eel says, 'I constantly hear the questions, ‘But is it art?’ or ‘What are you trying to say?’ I believe it's not a question for an artist to answer; it’s a question for the person viewing the art, not the creator. An artist may produce a piece with a distinct message, but someone may interpret that message completely differently. This for me is successful art. I don’t force the viewer towards a predetermined conclusion. I hope and encourage them to find their own meaning in my art.'


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