Finders Keepers Losers Weepers - Symposium at Conway Hall

By Melissa Budasz

Finders Keepers Losers Weepers - Symposium at Conway Hall

Nominated for SAF Best Community Arts Project Award 2015 for Finders Keepers Losers Weepers

SLWA are hosting our first Symposium on Thursday 20 November 2014 at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, Holborn. This coincides with 5 week exhibition and residency called Finders Keepers Losers Weepers from 4 November to 28 February 2015. Prompted by the creative and independent thought and free speech behind the Conway Hall Ethical Society, 1787 to date and in response to the building and history of Conway Hall itself, this residency takes the archaeology of mind and memory as a starting point for a new collaborative work - a site-specific exhibition and series of interventions that enquire into possession and loss and how we archive and process the metaphysical in material culture. The aim of the project is not to sit in the past, catalogue or contain, but through the SLWA Art School, research, education programme and symposium to expand and explore abstract notions around being, knowing, identity, time and space.


  • london
  • space
  • memory
  • mind
  • time
  • loss
  • archaeology
  • educational
  • speakers
  • learning
  • symposium
  • being
  • knowing
  • conwayhall
  • presentaions
  • possession

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About the artist

Melissa Budasz

Drawing, photography, assemblage and painting. Melissa Budasz's work negotiates identity, memory and myth


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