Hidden Narratives Dangerous Erasions

By Melissa Budasz

Hidden Narratives Dangerous Erasions

Prizewinner for The Big Draw Award 2014, theWHYfront’s live drawing project at The Albany, Deptford, London Hidden Narratives Dangerous Erasions created many discussions as we drew and when it was finished, a fantastic collaboration by the 19 South London Women Artists: Julie Bennett, Jackie Brown, Melissa Budasz, Robina Doxi, Chantal Gillingham, Laura Moreton-Griffiths, Margaret Higginson, Paula Stevens-Hoare, Moira Jarvis, Liz Charsley-Jory, Beata Kozlowska, Jennie Merrell, Lesley O’Mara, Marnie Pitts, Gillian Best-Powell, Mary Thomas Rodriguez, Selena Steele, Chrissy Thirlaway, Eithne Twomey


  • collaborative
  • drawing
  • project
  • thewhyfront
  • slwa
  • female
  • femaleart
  • feminist
  • storyboard
  • comicstrip
  • subversive
  • humour
  • blackwhitered

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Pearl's A Singer II
Melissa Budasz

Drawing, photography, assemblage and painting. Melissa Budasz's work negotiates identity, memory and myth


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