The Placebo Effect II

These studies have developed from the myths that surround particular found objects – ie milkweed, willow, orchid plants etc which are placed together in various still life arrangements from which photos, drawings and paintings evolve. Imagined stories are made up from placing the objects together, using the classical myths that represent them. I am interested in how certain objects look like other things and how patterns, surfaces and matter that grow in nature are echoed in parts of the human body itself. This study is based on that idea that walnuts not only look like brains, the Vitamin E contained within are good for reducing cognitive decline. Likewise the shape and form of ginger look like the organ of the stomach, the nutrients of which can bring down inflammation in the stomach. The brain and the stomach are the organs that both contain the most complex memory systems that humans have.

By arranging the ginger and walnut with milkweed (Latin Asclepias – derives from the Greek God of medicine and healing, Asclepius) entwined
with human hair (symbolizing the strength and fertility of a woman) my storytelling can commence, a journey where myth and memory are the foundation of the work in developing my female language.

JULY 2014


  • drawing
  • female
  • felttip
  • monochrome
  • mixedmedia
  • memory
  • myth
  • feminine
  • consciousness

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Ginger, hair, milkweed stilll life study - mixed media
3 Years ago

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Melissa Budasz

Drawing, photography, assemblage and painting. Melissa Budasz's work negotiates identity, memory and myth


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