Mermaids Tear Drop Necklace - Bronze and Labradorite

By Abby Hook

Mermaids Tear Drop Necklace - Bronze and Labradorite

I have made this version of my Mermaids Teardrop necklace with heavy gauge bronze wire. The central frame I have hand forged, then hammered on the edge of the loops and swirls, adding a nice flow to the wire. I have then sanded the wire smooth.

The central stone is a freeform drop shaped Labradorite. I have wrapped the top of the frame with bronze wire to secure together. The top of the central drop in the wire is woven, this weave continues around the stone, securing it in place and adding a striking detail.

The flowing frame is connected to a handmade chain of rough Labradorite nuggets, wrapped in bronze wire, to create the links. The necklace is finished with a handmade hook clasp.

The whole frame has a gentle smooth curve to it, so that it sits comfortably just below your collar bone. The necklace measures 16” in total. The center piece is 3 1/2"across (from loop to loop) and 2 3/4” tall (from the bottom of the drop to the top of the loops).

I have done my best to capture the stunning flashes of colour in these stones, focusing mainly on the central one. The nuggets also contain flashed of blue, green, yellow and orange.

This item comes in a Jewellery box.


  • blue
  • bronze
  • green
  • stone
  • wire
  • grey
  • necklace
  • swirl
  • weave
  • hammered
  • labradorite
  • flashes
  • celric
  • elven

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Bronze and Labradorite
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