Memory is the colour of ash - Allegorical memory box 3

By Melissa Budasz

Memory is the colour of ash - Allegorical memory box 3

Orchid - Orchis attacked a priestess during a celebration and tried to rape her. The punishment was death and he was ripped apart by beasts. After his death, orchids arose which included a testament to the male reproductive organs.
Milkweed – (Asclepias) derives from the Greek God of healing, Asclepius, who was such a skilled healer that legend said he could raise the dead.
Willow - Circe was known for her knowledge of potions and herbs and had a riverside cemetery with willow trees dedicated to the goddess Hecate. Male corpses were left exposed in the tops of the trees for the elements to claim and birds to eat.

APRIL 2014


  • drawing
  • orchid
  • mixedmedia
  • mythology
  • symbol
  • feminist
  • assemblage
  • myth
  • feminine
  • object
  • language
  • symbolism
  • milkweed
  • pussywillow
  • humanhair
  • memorybox

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Digital photo, felt tips, acrylic on canvas paper with orchid, milkweed and human hair
3 Years ago

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Melissa Budasz

Drawing, photography, assemblage and painting. Melissa Budasz's work negotiates identity, memory and myth


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