Memory is the colour of ash - study 4

By Melissa Budasz

Memory is the colour of ash - study 4

This drawing is part of a series of studies that developed initially paying homage to the work and writing of the painter, philosopher and psychoanalyst, Bracha Ettinger. I have looked at the myths that surround particular found objects – ie milkweed, willow, orchid plants etc which are placed together in various still life arrangements with braided human hair from which photos, drawings and paintings evolve. This image with the wild plant milkweed (Latin Asclepias – derives from the Greek God of medicine and healing) placed with human hair (symbolizing the strength and fertility of a woman) has been printed on canvas paper where I have overdrawn with acrylic, felt tips and charcoal.

Myth & Memory Series
APRIL 2014


  • myth
  • landscape
  • identity
  • death
  • memory
  • human
  • hair
  • weed
  • plant
  • stillife

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Human hair and milkweed digital photo overdrawn with felt tips on canvas paper
2 Years ago

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