Tangled by Henrik Simonsen published by Artizan Editions

By two kats and a cow

Tangled by Henrik Simonsen published by Artizan Editions

edition of 75
Artizan Editions is one of only a few screenprint workshops working in direct collaboration with artists.This partnership effects a powerful merging of concept and creativity with technical knowledge and skill.

The limited edition prints published by Artizan Editions are Original Prints, as opposed to being a signed reproduction. These images are created by the artist, exclusively in the screenprint medium. Throughout the process the artist is free to focus on form, image and the creation of the matrix, alongside the printer providing technical advice and guidance regarding colour, application and the construct of the desired image.         

The relationship the workshop has with each artist is as unique in its diversity as the images themselves.The element remaining constant throughout the published work of Artizan Editions is that all bear the direct hand of the artist, all are hand printed in editions of under 100.


700 x 1000 cm
2 Years ago

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