No-one Can Save You

“This stuff is everywhere now because of the way technology is changing,” he says. ”Kids can get it on their mobile phones, through their TV sets and iPods.

Tragically, porn has never been easier to access.” And that ‘easy access’, according to a group of 15 to 17-year-old girls I met while researching this article, is changing the way their boyfriends are approaching sex.

These young women are articulate, confident, street-wise. They come from a selection of London’s top independent and state schools, are dressed in slinky black skirts, dark tights, trendy T-shirts and Ugg boots. They are charming and respectable, but what they tell me is shocking.

“Boys just want us to do all the stuff they see the porn stars do,” one 16-year-old girl told me. “It’s as if we have to pretend we are in a movie. “They want us to dress like porn stars in sexy underwear, have bodies that look like porn stars, and sound and behave like them too when we are alone. That’s why we like to have our friends around us now.”

Newspaper article 2013.


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    Collage (adult magazines), acrylic spray paint and ink on board
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