Styled Dragonfly Hair Barrette Or Scarf pin Large

By Abby Hook

Styled Dragonfly Hair Barrette Or Scarf pin Large

Made with a heavy gauge copper wire which I have hammered, this can be worn as a hair barrette or scarf pin.

The loop detail on the dragonflies wings has been wrapped and the coiled to add detail but also making this piece very strong. The body of the dragonfly is made up of a series of loops, each flowing into the next one. The pin has two spirals at the top, symbolizing the dragonflies antenna.

I have then embellished the dragonflies wings with teal colored glass seed beads, each one individually wrapped into place with thin copper wire.

It measures 2 3/4” from head to tail and 4 1/2” across the wing span and has a deep curve which is 1”. The pin is 5 3/4” long.

This item comes in a gift box.


  • copper
  • glass
  • beads
  • wire
  • hair
  • seed
  • pin
  • dragonfly
  • scarf
  • teal
  • shawl
  • clip
  • wrap
  • coil
  • slide
  • barrette

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copper and teal seed beads
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