Go With Me, Where My Thoughts Would Go

By Wendy Hyde

Go With Me, Where My Thoughts Would Go

‘Go with me Where My Thoughts would Go’ quote by Emily Bronte she had an extraordinary relationship with Nature.
This piece was Inspired by the Landscape. Materials used oil paint, household paint, varnish, oil bars worked with knifes, brushes fingers, rags. Experimenting with the paint, dripping, pouring, working ‘wet into wet’ over laying washes and texture. The work is about scale and marks, seeing what the paint can do on its given surface. Painted in the spirit of Abstract Expressionism with the fluidity of the paint and the strength of the mark. When you stand before it you feel ‘you are in the painting’
(Please see work in situ for more images and www.degreeart.com for ‘close up’ detail images)

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mixed media on canvas
5 Years ago

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For the Influence of Mendelssohn (violin concerto)2
Wendy Hyde

I am based in the West Midlands area, and my work is Abstract Expressionist


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