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Here’s a photo of the portable pop up sign I take with me to events around the country. It’s proved to be a valuable piece of kit as when it’s up, it grabs peoples attention and alerts them to the fact that there is a caricaturist present working in the room.
For me it’s great, as I no longer have the hassle of introducing myself and what I do to each group of people at an event, and then trying to convince the ‘shy ones’ that it’s a painless process to be caricatured, etc.  All of this really does eat into my drawing time.
The sign speaks for itself which means people who wish to be drawn can come directly to me, and I can draw constantly, giving the customer maximum value for money without the time taking intros! Smart, eh?

Also….The easel is portable, so I can easiley work from a standing or seated position. The great thing about working from an easel is that people at events can peek over my shoulder and watch as a caricature takes place on the spot before their very eyes! Therefore, it’s entertaining for onlookers as well as the person(s) being drawn….and certainly gets the ‘banter’ going!
I’ve been to a fair few events in the past where caricaturists walk around in a crowd (occasionally getting ‘lost’) drawing on small A4 sized clip boards…..hardly anyone at the events knew what it was they were doing, and I’ve witnessed guests thinking the artists were waiters and have called them over for drinks / menus etc! Not exactly entertaining for guests or onlookers in my opinion….!
With my easel, sign and large A3 sized drawing paper paper; there is no doubt to your guests at your event as to what it is I’m there to do….and no chance I’ll get ‘lost in the crowd!’

If you’d like top entertainment at your event then hire me today before someone else does!


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Edd's Heads: Ricky Tomlinson as Jim Royle
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