Little Ears

This idea of a multi-eared figure comes from my interest in the evolution of the human body. In some ways, the adaptation of several ears could come from living in constant fear of being harmed, much like an animal of prey. But, then, it could be an adaptaion to get more knowledge quicker and from more places.This peice has a sense of movement in such a way as it feels as if she will turn her head and stare you down.The background came out of sheer frustration and has sparked some new ideas to reuse this technique.


  • oilpainting
  • oil
  • painting
  • portrait
  • portraiture
  • alternative
  • alternativeportrait
  • contemporary
  • modernportrait
  • ear
  • ears
  • evolution
  • metamorphosis
  • backofhead
  • back
  • of
  • head

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Oil on Canvas
3 Years ago

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