Prior to starting my mosaic, I heard someone describe Kenneth Steven’s poems as having a “fractured syntax”; which on reading ‘A Song Among the Stones’ made sense to me.  It became the starting point for my piece, entitled “Scapes”; a series of small panels following the journey from the brooding Scottish landscape to the light of their new home (which to me evoked the landscape of the Fens, where I lived as a child – muted tones and bulrushes!).

My use of recycled materials emphasizes my frustration at our throwaway society; ruining our Garden of Eden by too much landfill.  This mosaic is made on salvaged corner shelving boards and a variety of vintage tiles; old crockery and discarded ceramics from my sister-in-law’s pottery.

Currently on loan to the Barn Gallery at the Bield, near Perth

A card and spiral bound notebook with the dove section of this mosaic is available in my Etsy shop


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Bathroom Mosaic - detail of the centre section
Katy Galbraith

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