Freyja Goddess of Desire Necklace

By Abby Hook

Freyja Goddess of Desire Necklace

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Freyja (also known as Freya) was one of the major goddess of Norse mythology and leader of the Valkyries. She was the goddess of love, fertility and beauty. She is also known as the Goddess of war, battle, death, magic, prophecy and wealth. She could be seen as the counterpart to Rhiannon and looked upon as the Lady. It is thought that the day of “Friday” was named after Freyja.

Freyja was married to mysterious God Od, who is sometimes associated with Odin. One of the myths associated with this is that Od left her and as she searched for him, she cried tears which turned to Gold. This is known to be where the world got its Gold (and also its Amber).

Part of her irresistible nature was the necklace Freyja had (the “necklace of desire”) known as the “brisling” or “brisingamen” that she received in exchange from four dwarfs who rescued her when she lost her way home in a snowstorm.

This necklace is not made with Gold and Amber, instead I have used Copper wire , Carnelian and Tri-coloured jade, to mimic the colours of Amber. In a nod to the Norse myth, I have made sections of Viking knit chain (or trichinopoly chain), which are each finished with a handmade wire cone. These sections of chain are connected together with Carnelian beads in hues of yellow, orange and reds, which I have wrapped in copper wire, so that it spirals around the bead.

This necklace measures 31” and is finished with a handmade clasp.

This item comes gift wrapped

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Carnelian, Tri coloured Jade and Copper wire
5 Years ago

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