Wotan's Domestic

Another study from my radical re-telling of the ‘Ring’ cycle/Volsungasaga. Roughly equivalent to the opening of Act II of Wagner’s ‘The Valkyrie’:

Wotan finds his plans for granting victory to the hero Sigmund not to his wife, Fricka’s, liking, as she prepares to send the boisterous Brunhild packing and give him a right royal roasting over the whole business.


  • opera
  • dark
  • modern
  • ring
  • illustration
  • german
  • comic
  • fantasy
  • post
  • sci
  • fi
  • wolves
  • norse
  • viking
  • cycle
  • gods
  • nordic
  • valkyrie
  • wagner
  • odin
  • wotan
  • goddesses

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5 Years ago

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