Sea adventure

This necklace is made of blue cotton cord, sea sediment /sodalite beads and silver plated nuggets in different shapes. The size of each blue bead is around 12mm-14mm. The central bead is faceted sodalite.I used knots to separate each bead. The sediment beads have unique patterns and make the necklace one of a kind. In general sea sediment beads come from the ocean floor. They come in a variety of colours (green, pink, purple, turquoise, terracotta) so the necklace can be customized in a colour of your choice.


  • nuggets
  • seasediment
  • cotton
  • wax
  • unique
  • beads
  • jewellery
  • sediment
  • sea
  • adventure
  • silverplated
  • seascapes
  • ocean
  • oceana
  • sky
  • elements
  • waves
  • peaceful
  • peace
  • clouds
  • knots
  • accessories
  • fashion
  • holidays
  • beach

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4 Years ago

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