This piece was a commission for a friend, to depict him and his sibblings with the inner nature of their personalities. The bear to symblize leadership for the eldest, The wise owl and the quiet dignity of the cat. They love it so I think that was a success!


  • cat
  • owl
  • bear
  • family
  • leader
  • wisdom
  • thinker
  • sahni

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Oil on Canvas
6 Years ago

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Dom '11
Rika Chandra

My work is of mixed media, some in Oils on Canvas, watercolour, pencil/Colour pencil, charcoal sketches and conte crayon. Some of the work is inspired by my travels, whilst some are representations from images I have sourced which inspire me. I am at the moment focusing on portraits, and won a special recognition award in this category for my portrait of Gerard Butler. If you would like to commision a peice or portait, please email me with your photograph to Many thanks, Rika


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