Silver Leaves Tutorial

By Abby Hook

Silver Leaves Tutorial

Level: Easy
Page count: 9
Steps: 18

This tutorial teaches you how to make beautiful, very realistic Fine Silver leaves, using Art Clay Paste. It shows you in detail how to create your silver leaf, it also shows you two options for mounting the leaf, so that you can use it as a pendant, earring or charm. The lesson also explains in detail how to fire the leaf and also how to finish it, using sanding pads and a burnisher.

Material List:

1 Art Clay Silver Paste 650 slow dry
1 Screw eye (optional)
1 real leaf
Liver of Sulphur (optional)

Tool List:

Paint brush (small)
Welders mat and wooden board OR Charcoal block
Sheet of Glass (or similar to work on)
Grease proof paper
Sanding pads suitable for silver work
Wire brush
Small fine file
Silicon tip for Drimmel (optional)
Small Drill bit (optional – not required if using screw eye)
Nylon brush


  • leaf
  • clay
  • silver
  • art
  • fine
  • realistic
  • tutorial
  • lesson

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