Blue Blood (the tide of aquaculture)

By helen bullard

Blue Blood (the tide of aquaculture)

Blue Blood is an ongoing project currently encompassing Blue Blood (the borrowing), Blue Blood (the tide of aquaculture) and Blue Blood (red towards the arctic) and Blood Oath investigating the milking of animals, using the Horseshoe Crab as a template species. The Horseshoe Crab is milked for its blue blood for use in the intravenous drug industry.

Blue Blood (the borrowing) was shown at the Gallery of Wonder, Newcastle UK in 2011, and along side Blue Blood (the tide of aquaculture) at The Animal Gaze Returned exhibition, Whitechapel, 2011. Blood Oath was shown at Amelie A. Wallace Gallery, Long Island as part of Signs of Existance: Biotech Art with Brandon Ballengée, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Soyo Lee and Paul Vanouse.


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helen bullard


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