Seven Stepping Stones

7 beautiful charms sit with majorica pearls and amethysts telling a personal story for a special person.

June 2011

The stones are small that I must cross.
The stream flows with ripples tossed.
Each step brings joy and fear.
She’s on the other side; so far, yet so near.
The stones are slippery with life’s woes.
Just straight across is the way to go.
If the stones were alined and the course was straight,
The way would be easy and never the wait.
But time brings anew each day,
A fathomless love is the price I’ll pay.
I may fall in the tossing torrent,
But wisdom brings me back across the current.
On the other bank again I see
Arms open wide waiting for me.
I often wonder why she won’t cross.
The price is high and great the loss.
Yet, it is I who must find the way you see
For on the other side of life awaits the other side of me.

Stepping Stones
by R A Beeman


  • small
  • stones
  • beautiful
  • story
  • stream
  • special
  • ripples
  • sit
  • personal
  • pearls
  • charms
  • telling
  • with
  • and
  • step
  • a
  • for
  • the
  • are
  • amethysts
  • that
  • i
  • must
  • majorica
  • flows

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Sterling silver charm bracelet with amethyst and pearls
6 Years ago

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