The Unknown

Do not fear the unknown, the unknow is what it is, the unknow, why try and make it in to something it is not, it will only become illusions we have created, and no need to fear an illusion because it is not real.
Just accept the unknown for what it is and step through in to it, sometimes you have to, because everything behind is gone. And remember everything is unkown even our past that we know so well once was also the unknown.


  • stone
  • wall
  • hills
  • gate
Oil on canvas
5 Years ago

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About the artist

Fred Sorsdal

My work normally start with random thoughts that comes to me, ideas about both abstract things as well as daily life, and I write them down as miniature stories and from these comes also the names of the paintings, which is just a heading to a more intriguing story and they often become double or multi-meaning.


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Gjovik Norway
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