Farm of the Four Winds

166cm (H) x124cm (W) x 115cm (D)

This piece rose from ideas concerning direction, choices and confusion.

Modern society offers many choices in life and people are constantly
searching for more, more, more.

A bombardment from media and a fast moving materialistic society creates a
disengagement from true internal fulfilment as we allow ourselves to be
influenced and often led by an external collective opinion.

In Farm of the Four Winds, the arrows, each one different and all pointing
in different directions indicate choices we all face. Some soft and easy,
while others are hard and structured. The uprights, gently curving like
spines represent us as individuals yet still preferring to operate in

The results of our choices can impact our lives greatly, yet many of us are
unaware that we are not actually making choices but simply following the
crowd - much like being blown with the wind.

Ceramics, velvet, felt, steel
6 Years ago

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