Do not go gentle into that good night II

By Melissa Budasz

Do not go gentle into that good night II

* This painting’s title comes directly from the Dylan Thomas poem ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ where he urges his father to fight against death - to “burn and rave at close of day” rather than surrendering meekly to it.
April 2011


  • against
  • fight
  • to
  • father
  • his
  • urges
  • he
  • where
  • night
  • good
  • that
  • into
  • gentle
  • go
  • not
  • do
  • poem
  • thomas
  • dylan
  • the
  • from
  • directly
  • comes
  • title
  • this

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Acrylic paint, spray paint, metallic paint, glitter, iridescent mediums and varnishes
5 Years ago

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Melissa Budasz

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