'Transparency' at TUC march 2011

By Jackie Davies

'Transparency' at TUC march 2011

The scroll drawing; Transparency (2010), documents media footage during the May 2010 general election campaign, and policies created in the first 100 days of the Coalition government.  Influences:  animation, use of fragmentation in contemporary documentary/ film; disrupting the notion of universal truth in traditional documentary, Grayson Perry, Jeremy Deller.  It was made for my MA Fine Art show in 2010, and later became a banner for a TUC march about saving funding for public services.  Thank-you to; Guy Atkins of Save Our Placards, AIR, the TUC, Graham Martin, The Art Corner, Wimbledon College of Art, various friends, laughing police officers, for your encouragement and helping this work to travel the land!


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