Somewhere Between The Moon And The Sky

By Melissa Budasz

Somewhere Between The Moon And The Sky

These paintings are reflective of the cycles of life and death, physical matter and liquid translucency. For many years I have worked in dyptchs, with opposite and harmonious colours - basic reds, blues and yellows - primary colours. Working the surface with many layers, sometimes layoured with thick paints, sometimes using translucent iridescent pigments and paints, they are built up over a period of time until I feel they have reached the right pitch. They are still and frozen in time like an epitaph. They have their own history.

June 2010


  • acrylic
  • paint
  • holographic
  • glitter
  • edged
  • with
  • copper
  • leaf
  • on
  • stretched
  • canvas
  • somewhere
  • between
  • the
  • moon
  • and
  • sky
  • abstract
  • colour
  • field
  • painting

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Acrylic paint, holographic glitter, edged with copper leaf on stretched canvas
5 Years ago

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Pearl's A Singer II
Melissa Budasz

Drawing, photography, assemblage and painting. Melissa Budasz's work negotiates identity, memory and myth


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