The Swan, Westgate

This painting was one of my degree works. The Swan pub is just across the road from a local beach near where I live. I sat sketching in the bar one morning with a coffee and watched the comings and goings from when they opened up till lunch time. It was interesting hearing different conversations. The man on the left had popped in on his way to visit his brother in hospital and was chatting to a couple who knew the brother. The man on the right was quiet and I had the impression it was a daily occurance to have his pint of Guiness before his lunch at home. The barmaid is based on my friend who owned the pub. It isn’t a likeness of her, but it makes me think of her.


  • bottles
  • pub
  • bar
  • guiness
  • optics
  • customers
  • redwine
  • barmaid
  • theswanpub

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50 x 40 cm
7 Years ago

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