The Golden Vessel

This is one of a series of mixed media works that grew out of my fascination with the rennaisance portrait. I was struck by the tender expression and the quiet dignity of the girl. The name of the sitter is unknown - she is simply called ‘portrait of a girl’ painted by Piero del Pollainolo sometime between 1467 - 70. The original portrait painting hangs in the Museo Poldi Pezzoli in Milan.


  • white
  • mixed
  • media
  • collage
  • red
  • gold
  • brown
  • portraits
  • butterflies
  • moths
  • del
  • piero
  • pollainolo
  • rennaisance
  • flowervase

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41 x 51 cm
mixed media, collage, acrylics
6 Years ago

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(ruler scale: 2m  -  6'6")

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