TAXIing in the city

The narrative unfolds inside a taxi during its drive through the streets of Athens in December 2008 and January 2009. It presents a collection of tales (nine episodes) about the city and its political events, with specific reference to the uprisings in Athens and the attacks on Gaza during the same period. It is the product of my working as a taxi-driver (rarely undertaken by women in Greece) for the purposes of the project and setting up scenes of encounters and interviews in this semi-private space of anonymous urban transport. Concentrating on the random routes drawn daily by taxis on the map of the city, my research focused on this alternative and ‘intimate’ space, thus inhabiting the modern landscape through the use of a taxi. Animation is used as part of the narration.


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Video, animation with sound, 35 min, 2009
8 Years ago

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Janis Rafa

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